When There Is Just Not Enough Time – What To Do?

With Spring then Summer come upon us, I’ve used the excuse of not having enough time on my hands to write a new blog and my initial intention had been to write at least two a week. Although not quite bad enough to classify as an epic fail, not enough time has passed for that, it is a minor failure. So this is my attempt to include something more instead of let the sleeping dog lie. So in answer to the question in the title – – you write about it and just get it done.

The main thing that lets me feel at ease and not a complete and utter failure in my blog goal setting is that other areas of the business have been humming along. This month we have officially incorporated, taken care of most of the baggage that comes along with that. I have developed several new items that are currently in various levels of testing mode before release. I took a spontaneous trip to meet a friend and show her around my old stomping grounds in New Mexico and totally enjoyed myself. Even made it out to a place I had never been in all my years as a NM native – Roswell. LOL We had to get our alien on. With all this and more orders to fill – it’s been a successful and fun month.

In the end of this short post, I just want to say – you gotta acknowledge all your wins big and small, even through what you may feel is a failure. It is THIS action that invites more wins into your life. Of course you acknowledge your failures because that’s the motivation to be better, get better, do something different next time around, but you don’t dwell on them, you use them as an action item and get ready, set…GO!

Lots of us will easily accept our failings but find it difficult to accept our wins. Make it a goal from here on out to be more aware and thankful for those things that you DO accomplish, these things are okay to dwell upon, smile about, brag to yourself about, as they will serve as your magnet for more to the x power to occur as you take action on your desires.