Work on the workshop continues

The guys who built the workshop were very sweet and made a step to make it easier for me to get in (LOL) because I’m a shorty.  It looks awesome so far! A couple of paint colors had been chosen for the outside of the building. One is a version of spring green for the main part and a butter yellow for the window and door frames. This idea has changed of course, which happened through sheer amount of time that has passed. Add that we are doing the painting ourselves and a better idea occurred to me that may be put into place once the workshop is actually *in* the building. So the idea right now, is let’s just get in there…no fuss! The details can come later.

tiles with pictures
The wallpaper for the feature wall.

The sample of wallpaper in my hands as of last October. It’s *sooooooo* pretty!! This only makes me more eager to get things rolling. The order for the paper was placed last spring and what a joy filled day it was when it arrived.

Shortly after getting the electricity set up, two pallets of insulation gets delivered. We went with this super cool and easy to install non-fiberglass option called Roxul. Since it was only able to be delivered to the driveway, we had to figure out a way to get it down to the workshop. That ended up being one by one on a hand truck, so count that as 12 trips down and back up the hill.

No one told me that getting this place was going to be so much exercise! Now that we have the insulation, next thing on the long list of things to do is to install it and pick up the drywall we need. If it would only stop raining enough to dry up the back access so we can get a truck to haul it in.  I’m not complaining at this point although I am certainly counting my blessings and am ever so grateful that we are exactly where we are.

Our Thoughts and Good Vibes to our Coastal TX and LA neighbors

Speaking of rain, prayers are being sent daily to those affected by hurricane Harvey along the Texas coastline and into Louisiana. The loving and caring response to the devastation and for people in the area really fills one with validation that compassion is still a major part of humanity.

delivery to the driveway
insulation on a pallet jack


We’ve been bringing home eight super heavy 18″ pavers at a time in the trunk of the Challenger to put as an edge around the workshop and we’re getting ready to get the third load. At this rate it will take about five or six, eh – maybe more loads to finish all the way around the building.  Whew talk about labor intensive. We’ve been shoveling out dirt, leveling and putting the pavers down. In a way, I’m glad for having had enough rain this summer to keep the ground rather moist and easy to dig into. To have done this last year would have been back breaking.

Here’s to rainy weather in North Texas. Even though it causes delays, it has been making what we do get done easier to handle.

Until next time, may your days be filled with wonder and awe between all the hard work that gets done!