Welcome… to our website which is undergoing some reconstruction. Please bear with us during this transition. It will be magical for sure, however the elves are on strike so I’m plodding through this as time permits. For the time being, do check out the awesomely hand crafted menstrual care, incontinence pads and accompanying items for sale in my Etsy shop!

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The Foundation of Our Core Values

Our overall goal is sustainability and to make as small of an ecological footprint as possible within the framework of a viable business so we re-use, recycle and use recycled packaging. We intend to keep well made, high quality, hand-crafted goods that anyone would be glad to use, wear or carry anywhere. We take great pride in the caliber of product we bring to the market whatever the inspiration is, from mixed media art pieces to personal goods.¬† We create our bath and body care items in small batches, short runs of our sewn goods and by the kiln full on the ceramics. This means that a good deal of our items are limited editions, one of a kinds and often – when a fabric has gone its run, it’s usually no longer available to us so we move on with newer prints. In the future as our business needs grow, we aim to keep our workforce local and hire skilled makers, artists, and stitchers¬†who work in our workshop or their home. Thus allowing for a balanced work/life environment especially for parents and grandparents of young children who may need to drop work at a moments notice to tend to the welfare of their family.