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I invite you to relax, put your feet up and browse through the adventure - a store, a blog and more to come. Life is always a work in progress so why not enjoy it!

We're excited to be expanding our online presence by adding new products to our Store. In addition to more aromatherapy ceramics & our hand-crafted essential oil blends, we will be adding to our line of graphic t-shirts, hip decals for your home, car and tech gear. We still have our full line of LePads™ feminine care products available in the Etsy shop. However, we will be announcing additions to the line in our private LePads Facebook group where talk includes ways to take the taboo out of the subject of menstruation and make it what it is...a normal part of life.

You may also wish to keep up with us by signing up for our "AHA Moments Newsletter" using the form on side bar. What's in it for you? Several times a year you get new or special product releases available to newsletter members first, members only discount codes, the occasional giveaway and a variety of great articles about greening your ecological footprint in easy but impacting ways.

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