Welcome to my rodeo!


The rodeo reference is a nod to our home state of Texas. It’s such a varied and beautiful place. I had no idea what I would be doing after relocating here almost two years ago. I was so deeply connected to the culture, the mountains and the roots I had grown for 26 years in Albuquerque, NM, and I had no clue that I would come to love the Fort Worth area as much as I have. It is the truest mix of country and city living and here is where A Hippie Adventure began.

I have finally realized the website going live, and I’m so very excited about it. Special thanks to Yogi at Custom Website Studio for developing this site with my vision for it in mind. Let me also take this moment to welcome you to this brand spanking new baby. We’ve still got some updating to do on various pages but I’ll go over the long and short term plans for the site, introduce you to how to interact with us and we’ll get the party rolling along.

This will eventually be a portal to the many different avenues of expression that have become a part of my experience. The main focus for the time being is on the shop in the Etsy marketplace. It has been in existence for almost two years, our anniversary is July 16th and we’re planning a “sale-a-bration” (I know, corny but you can imagine that with the bellowing car salesman voice from your local t.v commercials…now isn’t that fun?). There are several different items available in the shop as you can see from various pictures on the site and you can always get there easiest by clicking on the link on the lower right side of the page. We also feature an Etsy mini version of our shop on our About page. A click on any item shown there will take you directly to the listing in our Etsy shop.

Long term (6-12 months) goals are to bring in a shopping cart and feature more varied handcrafted items that are still relative to the shops image, made in small batches, in the U.S. by a group of people/makers leveraging their skills in a community concept. That’s the idealized version, as we all know, life can throw a curve ball and I’m on the balls of my feet to catch it so if the steps are long or short, I’m certainly ready. Short term goals are already in the works, a few new products to feature and a subscription plan for our main product line, LePads.

Now, communicating with us will be easy through comments on the blogs. You can join the conversation on our Facebook page where I often show early releases before they list. You can also sign up for our newsletter at the bottom left of any page of our website, (monthly or bi-monthly, I haven’t decided yet) to get not only special coupon codes for subscribers only, enter contests, get varied calls to action, articles that support the reasoning behind offering the products we offer and much more. Finally, you can always shoot us an e-mail at care@ahippieadventure.com.

Once again, welcome to our web presence. Thank you for being here!