The Foundation of Our Core Values


Our overarching goal is to support sustainability within the framework of a viable business solution and foster the growth of our business in a way that honors the people who purchase our products, those who work for us, and the people we interact with on a daily basis from the mail and package carriers to our neighbors and our pets.

Our desire is to make as small of an ecological footprint as possible. This includes the sourcing, creating, packaging and shipping of our products. With this in mind, we re-use, recycle, up-cycle and use recycled packaging and encourage others to do so as well.

*Quality Goods and Services

We intend to keep well made, high quality, hand-crafted goods that anyone would be glad to use, wear or carry anywhere. We take great pride in the caliber of product we bring to the market whatever the inspiration is, from mixed media art pieces to personal goods.  We create our sewn goods in short production runs and made to order.  Our aromatherapy essential oils are ethically sourced and blended in small batches to ensure freshness.  Our ceramic goods are run by the kiln full , they are the most one of a kind pieces we carry and will take the longest to fulfill for custom orders so please plan appropriately. This means that a good deal of our items are limited editions, one of a kinds and often – when a fabric has gone its run, it’s usually no longer available to us so we move on with newer prints.

*Supporting our Local Landscape

As our business needs grow, we aim to keep our workforce local and hire skilled makers, artists, stitchers and assistants who work in our workshop or their home. Thus allowing for a balanced work/life environment especially for parents and grandparents of young children who may need to drop work at a moments notice to tend to the welfare of their family. We support our local economy by primarily shopping local small businesses whenever possible even if it means paying a little more out of pocket. We encourage you to shop and support your local economy as well.

*Giving and Caring

It’s important for us to give back to the world in an effective way that we can actually see the impact that is being made. Therefore, our charity organization of choice is “Days For Girls”.

From their website: “Every girl and woman has inherent worth and dignity. Days for Girls celebrates this by providing sustainable feminine hygiene solutions and health education. When girls and women have health, education, and opportunity, communities and our world are stronger.”

They not only educate and provide feminine hygiene solutions for girls around the world they help make an impact in their local economy by supporting a production business model for women who are interested in creating their own livelihood in these areas.

We also support the Humane Society of North Texas and hope that you will support your local humane society either with monetary or time donations. All those animals need a loving human hand to show they care even for a moment.