Reaping the Benefits of Vacation

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So it’s been little over a week since returning from a vacation to the Western Carribean. All I can say without all the oooo-ing an ahhh-ing is this… Yes! The water is *that* gorgeous and depending on which island you are visiting the depth of blue or emerald changes but it is always breathtaking! It was an awesome way to relax, recalibrate the mind, open myself to a bigger more beautiful experience, to become daring and be okay with including fun on a daily basis. Recalibration truly did take place and I am ever so grateful for that because I am able to bring this wider POV back into my everyday life at home.

As for what is in store for the business, I am preparing for a number of action plans. The main one is working out a body care class for Do It Yourself – Pampering Spa Kit. The supplies are finally gathered and pictures of complimentary kits are getting taken, merchandising and promoting is also on the short list.

DIY Lip Balm Kit
DIY Lip Balm Kit

Second, I’m searching for a writer/virtual assistant to get more done in a day. Third, looking to create a video to post to the shop youTube page for one of the DIY Kits. There’s even more on the short list that needs done by the first week of next month. Here’s to being productive in the last quarter of the year!