The Future’s So Bright… I Got To Wear Shades


Ever since this ‘selfie’ was taken with the beautiful emerald waters of the Cayman Islands behind me, I’ve been riding a wave of wonderful ‘get ‘er done’ energy. So much has happened with the business since the relaxing time spent on the cruise island hopping. I had no idea how much of this current future I was preparing for especially on the local front. Networking with other women in business, stepping out into the wider world as a wholeness practitioner, showing my wares at local events, getting the Esty shop stocked with new items in preparation for the holidays and the new year, all that and more!  In addition to that preparation, it is sort of feeling like I’m tying up all the loose ends before stepping into something bigger and better than I could ever dream for myself and every day is a new day, a new step, a new bit of excitement.

I hear from many people that there is a buzz happening, sometimes in the body and sometimes in air that is not necessarily due to the upcoming holiday season because it started several months earlier. How many months depends on the person. I’m calling it the influx of a higher vibratory energy that is affecting humanity as a whole but those who are aware or becoming more aware than they have been on a conscious level are sensing it in hyper mode.

Here is something that I wrote to a dear friend about some of this experience that so many of us are going through – does this ring a bell for you too?

“Everyone on the front lines of ushering in higher vibrations for the transition of the world is a Phoenix. It’s not the young ones that are coming in already transitioned. who btw are definitely helping to raise the vibrations…shaking things up. Those who have paved the way for this to happen on a grander scale than has ever taken place in the past…those are the Phoenix of this point in time. One becomes a Phoenix by rising from the ashes of the fire. That fire being the testing, the tempering of steel, the lessons learned the hard way, the releasing of a host of beliefs, the opening to spirit, the submission to grace, the loving of the experience, encompassing the compassion of everyone on their path to source…it is the rising into being and letting others seek YOU out, often through the path you have already walked because the Phoenix with a gentle heart can convey the love and compassion to those who are still wallowing in fears, tears, joys etc. in the full flux of the lesson and show that it is not the end of the world but that balance of all this emotion is the opening up to such greatness that it cannot be imagined by the human emotional body.”