Convolution Aromatherapy Pendant


I was inspired to call this one “Convolution”. Our personal aromatherapy pendant has a stamped textured side defined in a red velvet underglaze and features a muted stamp on the reverse. It hangs from a white adjustable hemp cord that will extend from 18″-24″.  The pendant measures approximately 1.25″ in circumference and less than a 1/4 inch in thickness and can be worn featuring either side.

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To use, simply use 1-2 drops of pure essential oil or a blend of your choice on the unglazed side of the pendant and allow it to soak into the bisque clay which will allow the aroma to diffuse over several hours, and much longer if used daily. Before using a different essential oil, you will need to allow the essential oil to completely dissipate which generally takes 2-3 days without adding additional EO. You can also simply wash with mild soap and water and allow to dry before changing the essential oil used. Of course you can always order more than one pendant!

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