Care & Use Instructions


  • Although our ceramic aromatherapy products are kiln fired bisque and glazed pieces, handling with care is recommended. Just like ceramic dishes and cups these can break if dropped on a hard surface.
  • Use pure essential oils or essential oil blends sparingly (2-3 drops daily) on the unglazed bisque portion of the items which remains porous enough to absorb liquids.
  • After several days of dropping the same essential oil on the item, the area of diffusion will increase slightly and will keep a nice “aura” around to use drops only every other day.
  • If you stop dropping oil on the bisque, it will take up to three days to completely diffuse before using a different blend.
  • If you wish to use a different essential oil before the oil has completely diffused on its own, you may wash the item under the cold tap with soap and allow it to dry before diffusing another essential oil or blend.